Charles Johnson's Bio's

Born: 02/25/43 Handedness: Right
Height: 5' 7" Weight: 154 lbs.
Born:Stigler, Ok Resides: Tulsa, Ok
300 games: 60 (35San) High Series: 9, High of 814
Average: 218 Member: SASBA (Since 1993)

 300 games
USBC = 35
PBA   =   1
OPEN= 24 (These are in non sanction tour, sweepers and open play.)

I was born in Stigler, Ok. on top of Beaver Mountain in 1943, I was                         
raised in Stigler, Ok and attended High School there. After High School
I got married and moved to Tulsa, Ok and have been here ever since.
I am married to Nanci, have 2 children a boy, Charles Ronald, wife Toni 
and a girl Tina.

I have 5 grandkids, 3 from Tina and their names are Michael David,
who passed on in 2003 from cancer, Jennifer Lynn and Jase and 3 from 
Ronnie named Zoe, Roan and Dane, I am lucky as they all still live in Tulsa.

I started bowling in 1974 and in my first year I carried a 175 avg. 
After that first year I have averaged between 196 and 237, the 237 
being the 2002-2004 season. I had my first 300 game in 1979 and to 
date have had 60. I won the singles event in the Tulsa City 
Tournament in 1994, and the team that I was on won the State team 
event in 1989. I won an over 50 tournament in Ada, Ok in 1995. 
I have been a member of the SASBA group out of Texas since 1993.
I was a PBA (Professional Bowling Assoc) member from 1987 to 1994.
I was inducted into the Tulsa Bowling Hall of Fame in 2000.
I was inducted into the SASBA Hall of Fame in 2003(Service) and 2005(Skill).
I was inducted into the Oklahoma State Bowling Hall of Fame in 2005.
I had my high league average for season 2004-2005 of 237.

I have won 7 SASBA tournaments, 
2000 in Fort Worth, Tx and
2004 in Tulsa, Ok (Ebonite Firecracker 04)
2005 in Longview, Tx
2006 in New Braunfels, Tx
2006 in Plano, Tx (Mixed Foursome)
2007 in Okla. City, Ok (S/SS Dbls)
2011 in Dallas, Tx (SS Only)