Photo Gallery for the 40th Reunion

The 40th Reunion was GREAT! We've had nothing but good comments.  We're planning a
60th Birthday Party for our class in 2010.  Details will be worked out and emailed to
everyone that we have an email address.  The maiden names will be used below for the women.
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The Golf Tournament Winners - Tommy Thomas, Ralph Scoggins, Rick Turley, and Terry Rutledge

Mike Calkins, Dennis Seawright, Clark Shilling & Danny Nail

JC Kinder, Bud Hardesty, Dale Wright (husband of Nancy Foster), and Dick Holloway

David Johnson, Bill Zellner and Roy Smith

Bill Zellner & David Johnson

Skyline of Tulsa

David Johnson & Roy Smith

Bill Zellner & Roy Smith

Fai Taylor and Nanci Tatom

Fai Taylor, Shirley Eaton & Sandi Kelly

Fai Taylor, Sandi Eaton, Shirley Eaton and Sandi Kelly; Shirley & Sandi Eaton's husbands (L-R)

Sandra Jackson & Fai Taylor

Toni Winford, Glenna Caughron and Sandra Jackson

Sandy Crotser

Sandra Cavitt & Toni Winford

Sandi Kelly & Larry Carter ('67)

Fai Taylor & Rick Turley

Vonnie Walker & Sandi Kelly

Cheryl Turley, Glenda Rule and Glenda's sister Rebecca

Nanci & Fai's husbands ( Charlie & Nyal)

Fai Taylor & Shirley Eaton

Shirley Eaton, Mike Turpen and Fai Taylor

Bobby Taylor, Terry Rutledge and Fai Taylor

Violet's Back and Sandra Jackson

Tommy Graddy, Fai Taylor and Bobby Taylor

Fai Taylor, Shirley Eaton and Sandi Kelly (Roses are Red)

Al Tindell and Rebecca Rule

Shirley and Fai

Fai & Shirley (These gals really know how to have fun!!!)

Group dance - Back (Vi & Vo, Janice Graham '67, Bobby Taylor, Fai and Shirley

David Johnson

Sandy Crotser Smith

L-R: Evelyn NeSmith, Dwight Rake, Sandy Crotser and Dean Welch

Sandy Crotser, Dwight Rake and Linda Bishop

Sandy and Roy Smith

L-R: Linda Bishop, Dwight Rake, Sandy & Roy Smith, Dick Holloway

Janis Graham '67, Frances Gentry '67, Violet, Sandy, Sandra and Viola

Steve Knight and Vickie Henderson Thomas '69

Rick Turley and Bobby Taylor

Steve Jackson, Nancy Foster and Clark Shilling

Evelyn NeSmith and Pam Truax Foshee

Tom Graddy, Rebecca & Glenda Rule, Bobby Taylor

Tommy Thomas & Vickie '69

Violet and Viola Harrison (L-R)

Roger Harmon and Maddy '69

Mike Calkins and Sandi Kelly

Nancy Foster and Dick Holloway

Pam Truax, Nanci Tatom and Johnny King

Bill and Kay Zellner and Evelyn NeSmith Keating

Nanci Tatom and Glenna Caughron

Nanci's Mom and Evelyn NeSmith

Glenda Rule and Susan Pease

Sandi Kennett and Glenna Caughron (cousins)

Karen Engles, Carol Roberts and Sandi Kennett

Shirley Eaton and Sandra Cavitt

Sandra Jackson and Sheryl Swayne

Linda Bishop, Sandy Crotser and Sandra Worthean

Evelyn NeSmith, Carol Franks and Viola

Sandy Crotser, Linda Bishop, Evelyn NeSmith, Sandra Worthean, Carol Franks and Susan Pease

Pam Truax, Elaine Ruston and Evelyn NeSmith

Nanci Tatom and Susan Bridges

Vi & Vo's mom, Lucille

Susan Pease and Glenda Rule

Vonnie Walker and Debbie Eaton

Gilcrease - Freshman Class Queen's Court '64

Gilcrease Freshman Class Cheerleaders

Our new plaque honoring those who have passed away since the last reunion.

Susan and Nancy

Vonnie & Sandi

Husbands Charlie Johnson, Gary Papa and Nyal Cannon (of Nanci, Shirley and Fai)

Coach Leon Cox and wife Linda. It was great to see Coach!!!

Bill Zellner's wife Kay and Vickie Henderson Thomas, both '69

Mike Aaron and Benny Willmann

Eric Lowe and Steve Knight

Sandi Kennett and Mark Rogers

Clark Shilling, Bill Thompson and wife Marilyn, Mike Turpen

James Dunn and wife Jacque

L-R Linda Bishop, Evelyn NeSmith and Bernadette Ward

L-R Lucinda and Loretta Snyder

Sheryl Swayne and Dawn Young and husband Bill Smith

Bobby Taylor and Al Tindell

Danny Nail and Ray Allen

David and Danny Nail

Nanci, Viola and Sandy

See other picture from Houston

See other picture for William Penn

Hawthorne Elementary (L-R) Roger Millspaugh, Sandi Kelly, Bud Hardesty, Vonnie Walker, Dick Holloway, Larry Daylight and Bill Thompson

Wiley Post Elementary - Sandi Kennett

Fai and Bobby can still shimmy like they're 18

Mike Calkins and Susan Bridges

Shirely, Fai, Nanci and Sandi

Janie Jackson '69, Jody Cooper and Viola

Dick Holloway and wife Debbie

Larry Daylight did an awesome impersonation of James Brown

Vickie Henderson Thomas '67 and Bill Zellner

Violet and Sandra Jackson

Tommy Graddy, Fai, Bobby Taylor

Roger Millspaugh, Pam Truax and Sandra Jackson

Danny Nail and Sandi Kelly

JC Kinder and Bobby Golliver

Al Tindell and Rebecca Rule

Rebecca Rule and Al Tindell

Viola, Nancy Foster, Violet

Bobby Golliver, David Johnson and Dick Holloway

Back Row: (L-R) Roy Smith, Terry Rutlege, Vicki Henderson, Tommy Thomas, Bud Hardesty, Calvin Anderson, Jim Bob Sanders

Front Row: (L-R) Linda Bush, Dennis Seawright, Janet Spencer, Pam Truax, Glenda Rule, Brenda Beasley, Carol Franks.

Alcott Elementary - Back Row (L-R) Virdon McQueen, Mark Rogers, Mike Calkins, Jody Cooper, Charles Foshee, Steve Jackson, Tommy Graddy and Jim Wakefield; Middle Row (L-R) Frances Gentry ('67), Linda Bishop, Karen Engles, Donna Burd, Sandra Cavitt and Fai Taylor; Front Row (L-R) Dwight Rake, Violet Harrison, Sandy Crotser, Viola Harrison and JC Kinder

William Penn Elementary - Back Row (L-R) Loretta & Lucinda Synder, Clark Shilling, Danny Nail, Bobby Golliver and Mike Aaron; Front Row (L-R) Dawn Young, Nancy Foster, Sandra Jackson and David Nail

Houston Elementary - Back Row (L-R) Rob Pethick, David Johnson, Johnny King, Shirley Eaton, Rick Turley, Nanci Tatom, Ray Allen, Gloria Salyer; Front Row (L-R) Susan Bridges, Evelyn NeSmith and Larry Salyer; Mike Turpin missed getting in here......

Back Row (L-R) Dick Holloway, Dale Wright, Clark Shilling, JC Kinder, Roy Smith, David Johnson and Bill Zellner; All Others (L-R) Danny Nail, Mike Calkins, Rick Turley, Thommy Thomas, Dennis Seawright, Ralph Scoggins, Bud Hardesty and Terry Rutledge

Lindsey Elementary-Dean Welch and Bernadette Ward

Donna Burd and Jim Bob Sanders Celebrate 40 Years of Marriage! Mike Turpen was MC...Did a great job

Elaine Ruston

Copeland's -Tulsa

Ladies Luncheon

Viola Harrison

Violet Harrison

Susan Peace

Dwight Rake

Dean Welch

Fai Taylor

Shirley Smith

Larry Salyer

Sheryl Swayne

Loretta Snyder

Lucinda Snyder

Mike Calkins

Dennis Seawright

Donna Burd

Tommy Thomas

Bill Zellner

Bill Thompson

Bill and Marilyn Thompson

Eric Lowe

Janet Spencer

Benny Willmann

Glenda Rule

Charles Foshee

Steve Jackson

Clark Schilling

Bud Hardesty

Jody Cooper

David Johnson

Robb Pethick

Dick Holloway

Sandi Kelly

Shirley Eaton

Roy Smith


JC Kinder

Sandra Cavitt

Bobby Golliver

Mike Turpen

Sandra Kay Jackson

Al Tindell

Johnny King

Jim Wakefield

Tommy Graddy

Carol Franks

Dawn Young

Terry Rutledge

Rick Turley

James Dunn

Linda Bishop

Richard Fredrick

Virdon McQueen

Larry Cochran

Ray Allen

Linda Bush

Bobby Taylor

Bobby Taylor, Viola, Tommy Graddy and Violet

Mike Turpen & Nancy Foster

Roy Smith & Coach Leon Cox

Roger Millspaugh

Larry Daylight

Viola, Violet Harrison & Mr. Barnum

Tommy Thomas center

Jim Bob Sanders and Donna Burd Sanders, celebrating 40 years of marriage!

Evelyn NeSmith, Dwight Rake, Dean Welch

Dwight Rake, Dean Welch & wife

L-R: Linda Bishop, Sandy Crotser, Dwight Rake and Evelyn NeSmith on the right

Dwight Rake and Linda Bishop

Sandy Crostser and Dwight Rake

Eric Lowe and group

Jody Cooper

Sandy Crotser and Gloria Salyer

R-L: Tommy Graddy, Terry Rutledge, Al Tindell, Bobby Taylor and Roger Millspaugh

Sandra Jackson, Glenda & Rebecca Rule

Jody Cooper and JC Kinder

Bobby Golliver, Susan Peace and Dennis Seawright

Linda Bishop and Dwight Rake

Group Dance

Group Dance

Tommy Graddy, Roy Smith & Bobby Taylor

Bobby Taylor, Tommy Graddy, Dick Holloway & wife Debbie

Vickie and Tommy Thomas

Tommy Thomas & Roy Smith

Another Wm Penn class picture

JC Kinder and Dale Wright (Nancy Foster's husband)

Charles Foshee, Clark Schilling & Johnny King

Janice Graham & Dean Welch's wife

Fai Taylor & Shirley Eaton

Violet Harrison

Susan Bridges, Sandra Cavitt & Toni Winfred

Evelyn NeSmith and Linda Bishop

Pam Truax and Elaine Ruston

Susan Peace and Glenda Rule

Debbie Eaton & Donna Burd

Al Tindell & wife Virginia

Sandra Kay Jackson & Nancy Foster

Shirley Eaton, Cheryl Skalnik, Janice Graham

Janet Spencer

Nancy Foster and Mr. Don Barnum

Nancy Foster & Susan Peace

Glenda Rule and sister Rebecca, Al Tindell and Bobby Taylor